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5 Things You Need to Eat and Drink in January 2020

These resolutions won't leave you feeling sad and hungry

By Chelsea Lin January 6, 2020


Maybe you’re the sort to make New Year’s resolutions. Maybe not. Either way, we hope you’re not going to deprive yourself of excellent food and drink just because it’s January. Maybe just work a few more exercise classes into your schedule instead, ok? Here are a few ideas to fulfill your resolutions and still eat well this month:

Eat more plants.
Beloved local plant-based ice cream maker Frankie & Jo’s just released its monthly flavors, and they sound epic. Choose between almond butter cup (a chocolate/orange ice cream studded with house-made salty almond butter cups), maple pecan crunch (a maple syrup-sweetened ice cream loaded with granola) and RGE cookies and cream (date ice cream swirled with chocolate magic shell and chocolate chip cookie chunks made in partnership with local Instagram health celebrity Rachael DeVaux of Rachael’s Good Eats). Or really live it up and get all three.

Expand your horizons.
Fremont restaurant Pomerol underwent an ownership change over the summer—new owner Preeti Agarwal is slowly infusing the French menu with flavors from her native India (she was raised in Uttar Pradesh). A couple times a month, she hosts a pop-up called Meesha, which features a tasting menu of modern Indian cooking and Agarwal’s family recipes. January’s menu focuses on the royal kitchen; tickets are $95 and reservations are still available for Jan. 16, 17, 30 and 31.  

Start fresh.
Lunar New Year comes early this year: Jan. 25. Though this is widely known as Chinese New Year, Vietnamese culture celebrates the date, Tết, as well. Seattle Center’s Festal program will be hosting a Tết celebration on Jan. 18 and 19, with Vietnamese music, live performances, art, traditional lion dances and fireworks, and most importantly food vendors (keep an eye out especially for Pho Bac). The Chinatown-International District celebration of Lunar New Year will take place on Feb. 8.

Visit an old friend.
Bad news: Revel’s SLU restaurant has closed. Good news: Revel’s new Fremont restaurant (a mega revamp of the old space, with art by Electric Coffin) is open. As of Jan. 3, they’re still waiting on a few permits, so have some patience if they’re not quite ready to serve alcohol yet. At least you can get your tuna bowl fix.

Don’t skip breakfast.
And we’re not talking bagels here. Go big with brunch at Addo, where chef Eric Rivera rolls out the red carpet with a weekend brunch tasting menu of five courses served at the counter (only six seats available). For a less lavish morning meal, opt for the basic brunch in the dining room—January’s offering is three variations on avocado toast. Sundays bring oysters and champagne at noon.

Contact editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram at @seawordnerd.

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