4 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Doughnut Day

Observe this sacred holiday at Seattle doughnut shops.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
Support local schools (and maybe win free doughnuts) at Mighty-O.

Oh, how we love a food holiday. Or rather, how we love an excuse to eat doughnuts, which you absolutely should be doing today in honor of National Doughnut Day (even if you’re not in an office that promotes weekly Doughnut Fridays). 

Asking someone their favorite local doughnut shop elicits the kind of hardcore loyalty usually reserved for cheeseburger enthusiasts. But whether you prefer a simple buttermilk bar from Edmonds’ Doughnut Factory or a fancy lemon curd-filled General Porpoise doughnut, here are a few options to celebrate:

- All Cupcake Royale locations will offer Rodeo Donuts for the day, plus a free 12-ounce Stumptown drip with purchase. (Get the Caviar ‘n’ Creme, it’s a personal favorite.) If you visit the Capitol Hill location, you’ll also get to check out the final day of the Food Art Collection exhibit, which has more doughnut art than perhaps ever shown in one place.

- Frost’s Mill Creek flagship will be hosting the company’s eighth annual doughnut-eating competition at 6:30 p.m., with categories for different age groups. Contestants could win a $100 Frost gift card and bragging rights forever.

- At Mighty-O locations, proceeds will be donated to local elementary schools, and anyone who purchases a dozen has a chance to find a golden ticket that awards three free dozens.

- From Top Pot: “[We are] selling $10 raffle tickets now through 5 p.m. Friday to support NW Harvest food bank. Prizes include a round-trip ticket for two on Alaska Airlines, tickets to Bumbershoot, dinner at Brimmer and Heeltap, VIP tickets to the Space Needle observation deck, four tickets to the Mariners and dinner to the Carlile Room!” PLUS, you get to eat doughnuts.

If you need to know more places to indulge—I particularly like the idea of a doughnut buffet—read through this piece we published in 2015 asking, “are doughnuts the new cupcake?” And keep an eye out for Raised Doughnuts, a shop opening this summer that promises grapefruit brulee. Their pop-ups have been off-the-hook busy, and we’re hoping for big things. Follow along on Facebook here

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