Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: Best Pumpkin Pie, Shakshuka and Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Plus: Where to find elevated bar food

By Seattle magazine staff


December 4, 2019

Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, those sweet comfort cravings like pumpkin pie and hot chocolate kick in more than ever. This week’s installment of our Instagram Q&A has suggestions for both of those and more from our editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin, like where you might find a great fried chicken sandwich or an affordable seafood meal.

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Looking for your top 3 best food, best drinks on a budget for a 2 yr anniversary.

Happy anniversary! This is such a tough call, as I don’t know your budget. Can you send us a DM and let me know what you’re willing to spend and I can help you out? I love helping people celebrate! 

Best pumpkin pie in the city? 

My favorite is from A La Mode because they use this amazing gingersnap crust that I actually started emulating a couple of years ago when I make my own Thanksgiving pies. I really like R&M Desserts’ pumpkin tart, too. 

What are some lunch spots near 7th street and Pine? 

It’s a few blocks from there, but Xian Noodles inside Westlake Center is an office favorite. Din Tai Fung inside Pacific Place is a favorite, too. I love Mr. West any time of day. And Rider is right near there, too, which is pretty great. 

Who makes really delicious hot chocolate? With actual good chocolate? 

Chocolati cafes make some really decadent hot chocolate, and you can’t beat the drinking chocolate at Le Pichet, obviously. If I recall, Hot Cakes does a great version, too, and all their ingredients are top notch. 

Looking for elevated bar food—a gastropub but somewhere I can also take an older kid.

Check out the Gerald in Ballard, as it’s got a hip bar atmosphere and good food, and there’s a section of it that’s all-ages. Quinn’s is still a classic… I’m not sure about whether or not they allow minors but check it out. 

Affordable seafood dinner for parents visiting for the weekend?

Seafood is just not inherently inexpensive… You can go somewhere very casual, where the seafood is likely fried, like Burien Fish House or the little Chinook’s spot in Fisherman’s Terminal. Or you can go somewhere like Taylor Shellfish that serves super fresh seafood in simple preparations, but in smaller, more delicate portions. I hope they enjoy their visit! 

Where can I find the best fried chicken sandwich north of the ship canal? 

Mean Sandwich in Ballard has a great sandwich with a fried chicken cutlet… Li’l Woody’s has a great fried chicken sandwich, too. Otherwise, my favorite is at Maono inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer. The furthest north is in U Village, but they have a cool new spot inside the Spheres in South Lake Union, too. 

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