Belltown hotel bar

And that's not all: there's two more hotel hot spots to check out

Just like Grandma used to make. But with more bacon.

The relocated, revamped restaurant is adding a la carte options and three times as many seats

There’s plenty to be excited about this month: Chefs and authors! Cheap eats! New ice cream options! Pimento cheese!

Lark chef John Sundstrom opens pizzeria (with soft serve) in Capitol Hill

The duo behind Book Bindery opens the upscale neighborhood eatery Copine in Ballard

We love a restaurant that takes reservations—though we totally understand why some don’t (here’s looking at you, no-showers). With the recent launch of Resy, Seattle has a new means of scoring one of the city’s hottest tables.

Next month (if all goes right), you’ll finally be able to get yourself a gluten-free, maple-sweetened waffle cone filled with fresh juice sorbet and plant-based ice cream.