The January 2018 Issue


‘The Little Prince’ Set Designer Pulls Back the Curtain on His Craft

For the past 30 years, Carey Wong has been the mastermind behind many a Seattle theater production.


When You Need to Warm Up Your Home, This Beloved Neighborhood Gem Has You Covered

Camelion Design has been a Ballard staple for 20 years.


The Holy Union of Beer and BBQ Has Arrived on the North End

A beer icon and a self-taught pit master team up for a solid new barbecue spot in sleepy Maple Leaf.


Put a Little Belgian-Palace Flavor in Your Living Room

Interior designer Brian Paquette finds inspiration from European travels.


This Century-Old Noodle Maker is a Chinatown Pillar

For a century, a Chinatown/International District manufacturer has been turning out a singular product that feeds the community and fuels the multi-generational family business.


This Hot New Food and Health Trend is Raising Eyebrows

Charcoal is trending: in food, drinks, cosmetics and more.


Wallingford Bar’s Spin on a Guilty Pleasure Food is the Perfect Drinking Snack

A scratch-made take on a grocery aisle classic.


The Elegant Way to Mix and Match Your Bathroom Design

Well-chosen details freshen up the most essential of rooms.


Progressive Northwest? White Supremacists Think It’s the Perfect Place to Sow Hatred

Our progressive region may seem like an odd place for the alt-right. But Knute Berger explains why that’s a myth.


This New High-End Nail Salon Looks More Like a Fancy Cocktail Bar

Nail Bar's new flagship boutique is a glammy indulgence.


These Are the Top Places to Work in Seattle

The Seattle companies that know how to keep their employees happy.


This Swath of Northern Oregon is a Winter Playground

When temperatures turn cold, the region east of Portland offers numerous outdoor recreation opportunities.