October 2017

Fall Road Trips

From this Issue

You put gas in your car to keep it running, but what keeps you fueled on the road? Our road-trip writers share their favorite snacks.

In a changing Seattle, efforts are underway to measure and preserve our leafy canopy.

Happy things happen when you let your reading passion take the wheel.

Salty or sweet, funky or fresh, these preserved foods improve every meal.

Spy familiar sights around the city in these thrilling, scary or supernatural-themed, Seattle-based flicks.

Bellingham knitters now have a bounty of yarn colors and styles.

Lagers, once dismissed by the craft beer movement, are getting new respect.

Fremont’s bastion of clean eating, shares the secrets to this health-food favorite.

Doubters may think Bigfoot should be consigned to oblivion, but Knute Berger argues that the creature deserves more research.

A Westfalia van is the road-trip-ready vehicle to launch an exploration of all things vintage.

According to Zillow, certain hues may lead to higher values.

On a walk through Rainier Beach, Steve Scher finds an old Seattle neighborhood that’s trying to hold on in the wake of gentrification.

In a new book, local artist Molly Hashimoto explores the colors of our region.

As affordable studios in Seattle become scarcer, a South End space offers artists a home.

The dinner theater institution is back—temporarily—at Marymoor Park.

A single highway leads to myriad adventures, all within an hour’s drive of Eugene.

What’s the proper way to use an umbrella in a city whose number one claim to fame is rain?

In King County, and across the country, the opioid epidemic is only growing larger. But agreeing on a solution remains elusive.

Fortunately, we have some incredible options.

Visal Sam translates her sophisticated style into her own Seattle boutique.

Forget your routine Indian order. There's so much more going on here.

The Portland-based author and illustrator's new book celebrates the accomplishments of women over 40.

Her incredible pasta creations lit up Instagram and helped her score a cookbook deal.

Tacoma Glassblowing Studio’s pumpkin patches reimagine a seasonal tradition.

These restorative tattoos are increasingly popular.

Gas up the Subaru and hit the road on an epic Northwest adventure.

A traveling exhibition invites visitors to walk in the shoes of refugees.

First-grader Jack E. may be the greatest literary critic of our time.

Duffey Lake Road takes you from Whistler to the Okanagan Valley, with natural beauty along the way.

Patience and luck can yield enviable big-animal encounters.