May 2013

Fishing with Duke

Extreme sourcing with the man behind Duke's Chowder House

As the wheels touch down in Cordova, a little fishing town on Prince William Sound in southcentral Alaska, Duke Moscrip…

Roddy Scheer

The Map of the End of the World

A local artist maps a postapocalyptic Seattle

According to the Seattle Doomsday Map, not even the apocalypse will change local priorities. But in this dystopian future, you…

Naomi Craw

How-To Guru: Macy’s Executive Chef Toni Keene

A local chef has been demonstrating the art of demonstration for 24 years

For Toni Keene, every Thursday is pressure cooker day. But that doesn’t stress out the Macy’s executive chef, who says…

Seattle Mag

Grab a Drink at Two New Georgetown Bars

A.J. Rathbun cozies up to a pair of new Georgetown watering holes

Just off airport way and nearly beneath Interstate 5, Georgetown’s Ground Control (6105 13th Ave. S; 206.397.3821; is perhaps…

Seattle Mag

Foraging for Porcini Mushrooms

Hunting for porcini mushrooms on the eastern slope

The Italians call them porcini—little pigs—now the accepted term of commerce for a group of meaty, sought-after mushrooms in the…

Seattle Mag

Does Shanik Live up to the Hype?

With Shanik now open in SLU, is the legendary Vij's still worth the trip?

The anticipation began a year ago when word leaked that Meeru Dhalwala had plans to open a sibling restaurant in…

Seattle Mag